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Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can choose which data center you'd like your server to be hosted in when creating it.

What equipment does Vscale run on?

Vscale is built on high-performance hardware: Intel Xeon E5 processors and server-class solid-state drives.

Are virtual servers firewall protected?

No, but clients can set up their own firewalls if need be.

What virtualization technology does Vscale use?

We use KVM.

Do you have an API?

Yes. The server operations that are performed from our control panel can also be run using our API. Detailed API documentation can be found here.

What operating systems can be installed on virtual servers?

The following Linux distributions are currently available for installation: Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 8, CentOS 7, OpenSUSE 13.2, and Fedora 23. We are always adding to this list, so remember to check for updates. We also offer the following application images for 1-click installation: Vesta, Ajenti, Wordpress, Docker, GOGS, GitLab, Tarantool.

Can I create a virtual server with Windows?

No, we presently do not and are not planning to offer servers with Windows.

I’m not fully satisfied with the configurations offered. Can I customize a server’s specifications?

No. We offer fixed configurations to ensure the quick and uninterrupted operations of virtual machines as well as low prices.

What is your SLA like?

Under our service level agreement (SLA), we guarantee 99.98% uptime. The allotted downtime comes to a total of 8 minutes and 38 seconds per month. If a server's unavailability exceeds this amount, please alert tech support via ticket-system and you will be compensated.

What is your policy towards TOR?

Vscale users are responsible for everything that happens on their servers. If we detect or are alerted of any suspicious activity, we reserve the right to block the account and delete the servers the suspicious activity was detected from (see point 4.5 of the SLA).

Can I make suggestions on how to improve your service?

Of course. You can always share your questions, comments, and suggestions with us via ticket system or email.

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